Discretionary management

Discretionary management is the management of individual portfolios of financial instruments and/or money.

The portfolio management team takes the investment decisions according to the investment goals and strategies of their clients.

Discretionary management provides that all conditions for investment are negotiated according to the client’s requirements, expected yield, risk appetite, investment opportunities and experience, personal preferences, and other parameters. The client’s objectives and limitations are specified on an individual basis and the company structures the client’s investment portfolio accordingly.

The benefits of individual discretionary management are:

  • Personal Portfolio Manager;
  • Transparency – Sending monthly reports on the management of the individual portfolio of funds;
  • Variety of the offered types of strategies and portfolios, consisting of combinations of different financial instruments (shares of Bulgarian and foreign issuers, bonds of Bulgarian and foreign issuers, Bulgarian and foreign government securities, deposits in different currencies, derivatives);
  • Management control – cash is kept in a separate client’s bank account, and the securities are held in a client’s Central;
  • Depository sub-account or in another depository institution.

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