Concord Fund 5 Central and Eastern Europe

Mutual fund with high risk profile.

The Fund provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a diversified, high-yield portfolio of securities on capital markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Concorde Fund-5 Central and Eastern Europe invests most of its assets in foreign company equity traded on Central and Eastern European capital markets and follows an aggressive investment strategy while seeking the optimal balance between risk and return.

The mutual fund issues fractional units with a nominal value of BGN 10 (ten), which creates convenience for the investor and at the same time eliminating the remainder recovery procedure, which is necessary whenever whole units are written. The advantage of buying fractional units is that the investor is able to make an investment equivalent to the exact amount they have planned on investing.

Concord Fund-5 Central and Eastern Europe is appropriate for investors seeking long-term growth of the invested capital and who can tolerate significant fluctuations in unit prices

Concord Fund 5 – Central and Eastern Europe
ISIN code: BG9000003087, UIC: 175447767
Investing in units of funds is done by transferring the desirable amount to its accumulation account. Holder: Concord Fund –5 Central and Eastern Europe, IBAN: BG71RZBB91551065895516. KBC Bank Bulgaria, Reason for payment: Subscription of units

High Risk Profile

  • Stocks 82.62% 82.62%
  • Units of Collective Investment Schemes 9.14% 9.14%
  • Receivables 0.01% 0.01%
  • Cash 8.23% 8.23%
As to 30.11.2023 г.

Latest Quotes

Concord Fund 5 Central and Eastern Europe BGN 11.12.2023
Price 8.0860 BGN
Redemption Price 8.0059 BGN
Year to date 1,12 %
for the last 6 months 1,00 %
for the last 12 months 2,19 %

Monthly Return