Concord Asset Management

an asset management company licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission in 2005

Mutual Funds

We manage successfully and develop 6 mutual funds and 1 national investment fund.

Corporate presentation

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Interactive Learning Module 1: Mutual Funds

The first video training for mutual funds in Bulgaria.

Investing for Income

Realize additional earnings from your free money in low to high risk funds

EXCELLENT Financial Plan - for your investment goals

Determine a monthly installment, choose a mutual fund, invest regularly

Choose a mutual fund

Concord Fund 1

Stocks and Bonds
Mixed-balanced fund

Concord Fund 2

High risk fund

Concord Fund 3

Real Estate
High risk fund

Concord Fund 4

High risk fund

Concord Fund 5

Central and Eastern Europe
High risk fund

Concord Fund 6

Low risk fund

Concord Fund 7

Equities South-East Europe
High risk fund

About Mutual Funds

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0884071288 – Adelina Dimitrova
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117 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., Sofia

Business hours: 09:00 – 17:30,
Business hours for clients: 09:15 – 16:45

Benefits of investing in mutual funds

– Professional asset management by dedicated highly qualified financial analysts and portfolio managers whose day-to-day work is aimed at delivering the best results to investors

– Investing in a diversified portfolio of securities with the aim of minimizing the systematic risk of investing in assets with a similar risk profile

– High liquidity of the investment due to the obligation of the mutual funds to redeem the shares or units from the investors upon request

– Economies of scale by reducing transaction costs

– High degree of transparency of the investment – Mutual funds are legally obliged to keep records for the collection and spending of cash and their activity is controlled by the Financial Supervision Commission and the Custodian Bank

– Tax allowances – natural persons and legal entities do not owe taxes on the income from transactions in units/shares of mutual funds concluded on a regulated Bulgarian securities market, including on the buying back of units/shares from the respective funds at the office