Concord Asset Management

an asset management company licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission in 2005

Mutual Funds

We manage successfully and develop 6 mutual funds and 1 national investment fund.

Corporate presentation

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Interactive Learning Module 1: Mutual Funds

The first video training for mutual funds in Bulgaria.

Investing for Income

Realize additional earnings from your free money in low to high risk funds

Quick and easy way to invest in capital markets

Convenience for both professional and individual investors

Choose a mutual fund

Concord Fund 1

Stocks and Bonds
Mixed-balanced fund

Concord Fund 2

High risk fund

Concord Fund 3

Real Estate
High risk fund

Concord Fund 4

High risk fund

Concord Fund 5

Central and Eastern Europe
High risk fund

Concord Fund 6

Low risk fund

Concord Fund 7

Equities South-East Europe
High risk fund

About Mutual Funds

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Benefits of investing in mutual funds

– Professional asset management by dedicated highly qualified financial analysts and portfolio managers whose day-to-day work is aimed at delivering the best results to investors

– Investing in a diversified portfolio of securities with the aim of minimizing the systematic risk of investing in assets with a similar risk profile

– High liquidity of the investment due to the obligation of the mutual funds to redeem the shares or units from the investors upon request

– Economies of scale by reducing transaction costs

– High degree of transparency of the investment – Mutual funds are legally obliged to keep records for the collection and spending of cash and their activity is controlled by the Financial Supervision Commission and the Custodian Bank

– Tax allowances – natural persons and legal entities do not owe taxes on the income from transactions in units/shares of mutual funds concluded on a regulated Bulgarian securities market, including on the buying back of units/shares from the respective funds at the office