Q: Who regulates the activity of the mutual funds?
A: The activity of Concord Asset Management, as well as the management of the mutual funds is controlled by the Financial Supervision Commission.

Q: How can I get detailed information about the funds?
A: A detailed description of the mutual funds can be found in the prospectuses of the individual funds published for each fund.

Q: How can I buy fund units?
A: Fund units can be acquired by submitting a unit purchase order at the Concord Asset Management’s office.

Q: How can I get my money back?
A: By submitting an order for redemption of the units held at the Concord Asset Management’s office.

Q: Where can I keep track of prices of fund units?
A: Fund unit prices are published on the Concord Asset Management’s website in the “Quotes” section and on the website of the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies.

Q: Are the funds traded on the stock market?
A: Only the units of Concord Fund-7 South-East Europe are listed for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia. The fund is a closed-end national investment fund whose units are subject to registration on a regulated market.