Concord Fund 2 Equity

Concord Fund – 2 Equity is a high risk profile fund.

In accordance with its investment objectives, up to 90% of its assets are invested in shares and units of Bulgarian and foreign issuers. The Fund may invest up to 50% in fixed income instruments of Bulgarian companies and government securities in order to reduce the risk of adverse changes in the securities market.

Up to 10% of assets may also be invested in derivative instruments such as options, futures, forward contracts, swaps, etc. in order to hedge and achieve higher returns.

On February 14, 2008, the nominal value per share decreased from BGN 100 to BGN 10. As a result, each investor owns 10 times more units.

Concord Fund 2 Equity
ISIN code: BG9000012138, UIC: 175014820
Investing in units of funds is done by transferring the desirable amount to its accumulation account. Holder: Concord Fund – 2 Equity, IBAN: BG47RZBB91551060571812. Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria EAD, Reason for payment: Subscription of units.

Investment Structure of Stocks

  • Mining and Quarrying 0.62%
  • Real Estate Transactions 17.21%
  • Real Estate Management Intermediation 0.16%
  • Manufacturing 4.66%
  • Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply 0.74%
  • Construction 0.76%
  • Creation and Dissemination of Information and Creative Products; Telecommunications 0.95%
  • Transport, Warehousing and Post Office 0.20%
  • Trade; Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Repair 0.72%
  • Financial and Insurance Activities 42.39%
  • Hotels and Restaurants 0.25%

High Risk Profile

  • Stocks 83.68%
  • Bonds 6.35%
  • Units of Collective Investment Schemes 6.67%
  • Receivables 0.62%
  • Cash 2.68%

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