Concord Fund – 1 Stocks and Bonds

Mixed-Balanced Fund

The investment portfolio of Concord Fund – 1 Stocks and Bonds has a balanced profile.

In accordance with its investment objectives, the assets of the Fund are invested in fixed income equities and instruments of Bulgarian issuers. Up to 50% of its assets can be invested in shares and up to 60% of its assets – in fixed income instruments. The fund is appropriate for investors who are more likely to have a longer-term horizon of holding their investment and seek growth of their investment.

On February 14, 2008, the nominal value per share decreased from BGN 100 to BGN 10. As a result, each investor owns 10 times more units.

MF Concord Fund 1 Stocks and Bonds
ISIN code: BG9000007054, UIC 131502548
Investing in units of funds is done by transferring the desirable amount to its accumulation account. Holder: Concord Fund – 1 Stocks and Bonds, IBAN: BG13RZBB91551060585713. KBC Bank Bulgaria, Reason for payment: Subscription of units.

Balanced Profile

  • Stocks 49.31%
  • Bonds 32.52%
  • Units of Collective Investment Schemes 9.67%
  • Receivables 2.52%
  • Cash 5.97%

As to 31.10.2022 г.

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