Concord Fund 4 Energy

Concorde Fund – 4 Energy is a high risk profile sector fund

The main objective of the fund is to achieve growth of the invested capital in the long term in conditions of high risk. The investment strategy of Concord Fund-4 Energy envisages investing assets in shares of foreign issuers in the energy sector. The fund seeks to optimize returns for its investors by looking for securities of stable energy companies traded in developed markets, combining them with investments in markets with growth potential, such as those in Central and Eastern Europe.

Concorde Fund-4 Energy issues partial units with a nominal value of BGN 10 (ten), thus making it convenient for investors and at the same time eliminating the remainder repayment procedure, which is necessary whenever whole units are subscribed. When buying partial units, one of the advantages is that the investor is able to make an investment equivalent to the exact amount they have planned on investing.

The fund is appropriate for investors seeking long-term growth of the invested capital and who can tolerate significant fluctuations in unit prices.

Concord Fund 4 – Energy
ISIN code: BG9000002089, UIC 175447735
Investing in units of funds is done by transferring the desirable amount to its accumulation account.
Holder: Concord Fund – 4 Energy, IBAN: BG27RZBB91551065893010. KBC Bank Bulgaria, Reason for payment: Subscription of units

High Risk Profile

  • Stocks 69.31% 69.31%
  • Receivables 0.52% 0.52%
  • Cash 30.17% 30.17%
Аs to 31.03.2024 г.

Latest Quotes

Concord Fund 4 Energy BGN 19.04.2024
Price 9.7540 BGN
Redemption Price 9.6574 BGN
Year to date 5,80 %
for the last 6 months 2,60 %
for the last 12 months 10,62 %

Monthly Return