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Concord Asset Management is an asset management company licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission in 2005 under the name “BenchMark Asset Management” AD.
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In 2005, the company launched its first mutual fund and it started up the activity of an open-end investment company in the spring of 2006. Concord Asset Management manages six mutual funds until 2008.

In May 2012, the company was renamed to “Concord Asset Management” AD.

In 2016, Concord Asset Management AD also founded the first Bulgarian closed-end national investment fund – Concord Fund-7 South-East Europe.

The Company manages seven mutual funds – Concord Fund-1 Stocks and Bonds (former BenchMark Fund-1 Stocks and Bonds), Concord Fund-2 Equity (former BenchMark Fund-2 Equity), Concord Fund-3 Real Estate ( former BenchMark Fund-3 Real Estate), Concord Fund-4 Energy (former BenchMark Fund-4 Energy), Concord Fund-5 Central and Eastern Europe (former BenchMark Fund-5 Central and Eastern Europe) and Concord Fund-6 Bonds (former BenchMark Fund-6 Maney Market Fund), one National Closed-End Fund Concord Fund-7 South – East Europe, as an alternative Investment Fund – “Concord Fund – 8 Alternative Investment Fund” AD. The company provides discretionary management services for individual investment portfolios, including to institutional investors.

In December 2012, Concord Asset Management  took over the management of the following mutual funds: Standard Investment High Yield Fund, Standard Investment Balanced Fund, Standard Investment International Fund and Standard Investment Conservative Fund.

Concord Asset Management is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies(BAAMC).